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Government Agencies

Plastics Technology area of the Bureau of Reclamation, Department of Interior
Part of the Materials Engineering And Research Laboratory
Federal Information Exchange
All federal government sites
Plastics Technical Evaluation Center (PLASTEC)
US ARMY Armaments PLASTEC is responsible for acquisition, evaluation and exchange of technical information related to plastics, adhesives, and organic matrix composites.
FedWorld Information Network
Created "to provide a one-stop location for the public to locate, order, and have delivered to them, U.S. Government information."
NASA-Advanced Polymers, Composites and Fabrication
Technology included in this exhibit was developed under an SBIR contract.
Office of Industrial Technologies
The Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) is part of the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. OIT creates partnerships among industry, trade groups, Government agencies and other organizations to research, develop and deliver advanced energy efficiency, renewable energy and pollution prevention technologies for industrial customers. By using advanced technologies to save energy, companies lower costs, boost productivity, and help prevent pollution.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Chemical and Analytical Sciences Division (CASD) has a Materials Chemistry Section that studies the Structure And Dynamics Of Polymers
Government Technical WWW Sites
Techexpo's directory index of government technical sites on www
The Materials Research Society
The Materials Research Society is dedicated to goal-oriented basic and applied research on materials of technological importance. MRS emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to materials science and engineering, inspiring cooperation among scientists from industry, academia, and government.
International Union of Materials Research Societies
The International Union of Materials Research Societies was established in 1991 as an international association of technical groups or societies which have an interest in promoting interdisciplinary materials research.
ASTM has developed and published 10,000 technical standards, which are used by industries worldwide. ASTM members develop the standards within the ASTM consensus process. Technical publications and training courses are other ASTM products.
ISO Standards for Plastics
Known as TC 61 Plastics,this searchable ISO site gives info on standards for testing for plastics
Standards Organizations
An index of standards related organizations


American Plastics Council (APC)

Welcome to the Plastics Resource World Wide Web site, brought to you by the American Plastics Council (APC). Here you will find a wealth of information on plastics and the environment. You can download articles, lesson plans and clip art, request information, contact the APC and access additional information resources.

By Country

Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association - SIRIM

SIRIM, The Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia, is an institution with a strategic role in national development. It was established to develop a national capability in industrial technologies and assist industries to build a competitive advantage through the provision of technical support services such as technological and technical consultancies, product testing, certification, calibration, standards, patents and technical information.


RACI Polymer Division
The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Polymer Division
Chemical Society of Japan - Home Page
Allows you to search database for subjects
Sci.Polymers Usenet Group
Must have usenet group browsing capability


American Chemical Society Web Server
ACSWeb the American Chemical Society main web server
ACS Polymer Division WWW Site
Info on meetings, div news, awards, application to join and more


Valley Manufacturing Plastics Network
A group of Connecticut Naugatuck Valley plastics firms


Polyurethane Foam Association
Our association has a web presence to provide information on key issues and product characteristics that may be of interest to flexible polyurethane foam users, researchers and academia.